Alexel Europe - About Us

Alexel is a technical assistance provider for screen printing and transfer printing machines.
We are specialized mainly on SIAS PRINT machines, but as well on SVECIA, PANNON, IST, SPS, SILAIR, ATMA, M.H.M., SAKURAI, MR, GRUNIG and SCHENK amongst other.

Services provided:
- Moving machines with all the necessary equipment up to 30 tonnes.
- Maintenance for screen printing machines and others.
- Electrical, mechanical and pneumatic modifications in order to maximize machine capacity.
- Sales of used screen printing machines and pad printing with installation and transport.
- Installation and programming for screen printing and other machines.
- Moving and placing the sheet transport belts and other machinery in screen printing.

- Squeegee sharpeners for all formats.
- Hydraulic and automatic feeders.
- Conveyor belts for conventional, U.V., and textile tunnels.
- All sorts of U.V. lamps.
- Vacuum bases for printing machines all formats.
- Aluminium bases for textile, manual or automatic machines.